Since its introduction, the NavBoard® Series has grown to reflect a diversity of missions and user preferences found across the SOF community. In 2017, we added the NavBoard FlipMod™, bringing even more options and greater security to an industry proven product line. We have also added ZipFlip™, FlipLite™, and the Rotary to theNavBoard® Series, which bring additional capability to the end user. Whether navigating through the air, mounted or dismounted, we have a NavBoard® platform to meet your specific operational needs.


The NavBoard® FlipMod™ includes a panel for a phone/tablet, with two additional panels for a compass and GPS/altimeter extending from the phone panel. The FlipMod™ can be reconfigured to fit the user’s preference by changing the orientation and placement of the various panels using an adjustable friction hinge. It can be stowed close to the user’s body when in freefall or land navigation operations or deployed in an open position, and viewed in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.


The NavBoard® Rotary allows users to attach a wide range of consumer electronic navigation devices, with or without a protective case. It can be stowed close to the user’s body, and deployed in an open position and viewed in either a vertical or horizontal configuration. When stowed in vertical position the NavBoard® Rotary only uses 2 columns and 3 rows of webbing for a low-profile configuration.


The NavBoard® ZipFlip™ is a scalable, modular chest mount for hands free use of smartphones in a variety of environments including MFF and Land Operations.


The new NavBoard® ZipFlip™ converts into the new FlipLite™ and allows the operator to have a lower profile configuration. The FlipLite™ is available separately or comes included with the ZipFlip™.